Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about our business, CAREGivers, rates, and non-medical services provided by Home Instead Senior Care.

Our Business

A: We provide the highest standard of compassionate, personalized care to seniors in the communities we serve. Our offices are locally owned and operated by people familiar with the community. We work hard to understand client and family needs to ensure each client has compatible relationships with his or her CAREGivers. You can be confident that we will be there when we are scheduled to be there. Unique business processes, proprietary computer systems, and training are part of the brand trust you get with Home Instead Senior Care.

A: There are several reasons why Home Instead Senior Care should be your choice for your family’s supportive care needs. All of our CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. Our office staff perform client assessments and regular quality assurance checks to ensure that a high standard of care is being maintained and our clients are is well looked after. If a CAREGiver is sick or cannot go in for their shift, we will immediately work toward finding a compatible replacement. We will always advocate for our clients and make your loved one’s needs our top priority.

A: We have the benefits of both. Home Instead Senior Care is a nationally licensed, franchise company with independently owned locations throughout North America, Japan, Europe, and Australia.

A: Home Instead Senior Care has a large, detailed packet of all the aspects of our service that we can send out to individuals at their request. Please call us or complete the contact form to request more information.

A: Home Instead Senior Care Toronto East is owned and operated by Colin and Sonia Macdonald,  who play a hands-on role in the day-to-day operations of the business.. They have selected a dedicated team of caring professionals, from our office staff to our CAREGivers, all of whom understand the importance of the personal aspects of senior care Our clients become part of our family and are treated that way.


A: Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers go through an extensive selection process which entails a phone screening, interview at our local office, and orientation before they are matched with a client. All of our CAREGivers have successfully completed a thorough reference and criminal background check.

A: Our CAREGivers range in age from college students to those in their sixties who still have a lot to give to others. These wonderful people come from all walks of life. Some have been professional CAREGivers, such as retired nurses or nursing assistants; others have entered the caregiving field and become certified Personal Support Workers. Some have found that office jobs don’t allow them to express their needs to share with others. Many of them have cared for family members or neighbours on a long-term basis. When we interview, we look for a warm and caring nature, good communication skills, practicality and common sense, and a history of dependability.

A: Home Instead Senior hires experienced, mature, and most often certified Personal Support Workers as CAREGivers for our clients. Every Home Instead CAREGiver participates in an extensive orientation program, which covers the most practical topics and situations encountered in elder caregiving. Training begins upon acceptance of the position. A CAREGiver begins his or her career with Home Instead Senior Care at an orientation, learning about our company and policies, the expectations and needs of our clients, and much more.

A: Yes, our clients can help select their CAREGiver, and we discuss the selection process during our in-home visit. We pay extra attention to assigning CAREGivers that will be compatible and match your service requirements, personality and preferences.
A: After an initial screening and assessment is completed, the Home Instead Senior Care staff person selects a CAREGiver(s) to fulfill the client’s schedule. On the very first scheduled visit the CAREGiver(s) that will fulfill the assignment is introduced to the client prior to the first shift.

A: We set a high priority on continuity. Whenever possible the same CAREGiver will be assigned for all shifts. When we first sit down with you at your no-obligation meeting, we spend time during the conversation discussing the types of personalities you are comfortable with, as well as covering your service needs and the schedule you would like us to follow. When we assign your CAREGiver, or team of CAREGivers (depending on your needs), we take all of that information into account. If you are happy with the person or people chosen for you, the staffing will not change.

A: You are always able to change a CAREGiver, for whatever reason. We only ask that you give us adequate time to find a suitable replacement. If you are in any way less than perfectly satisfied, we will change staffing until your unique needs are met.

A: As soon as a CAREGiver notifies us that they are unable to fulfill a shift we will immediately seek a replacement. We employ a CAREGiver team approach. If one CAREGiver is sick, another is normally available.

A: Yes, a supervisor is always available for emergency situations.

A: All Home Instead Senior Care clients are protected if a Home Instead CAREGiver is injured on the job. If an accident occurs, Workman’s Compensation will cover loss of wages from any injury that occurred on the job.

Rates & Payment

A: Our rates are very competitive. For the current rates, please contact us at 416-698-1384 for specific information.

A: Our rates do not change for evening or weekend shifts. Statutory holidays are billed at 1½ times the normal rate.

A: Home Instead Senior Care handles all the billing, payroll, taxes, insurance, and administrative responsibilities for you.

A: We invoice for services twice a month, on the 15th and the last day of the month. We ask for payment within 10 days from date of billing. The bill is all-inclusive. That is, all hours worked and mileage or miscellaneous expenses are included in the invoice that you receive. All payments are tracked through our software to ensure accuracy. We insist that the CAREGivers never get paid directly. This avoids errors including double invoicing or underpayment of federal and provincial employment taxes.

A: We handle all taxes and withholdings due to the government. As we are an employer, rather than a referral service or private arrangement, the client is in no way responsible for those obligations.

A: We have a flexible “Service Agreement” which may be cancelled at any time with 7 days notice.


A: Prior to setting up Home Instead Senior Care services, we are happy to provide a free, no-obligation Care Consultation. This is an open and honest conversation with you and your family to ensure the client and our service will be a compatible fit. During this assessment we will answer any and all questions you may have.

A: Yes. A growing number of our clients reside in a setting other than their own home and we have had huge success working in facilities of all types. We provide our wide variety of services, from companionship to personal care to support for Alzheimer’s and other dementias to residents who require additional attention and/or personalized assistance.

A: We require a minimum of four hours per visit and a weekly minimum of eight hours for on-ongoing services.

A: Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, so you are always in control of your service schedule. As long as it meets our three hour-per-visit minimum, you are welcome to adjust your schedule to meet your changing needs.

A: We can provide 24/7 service on a short-term, long-term, or respite basis, any day of the year. We are one of the very few senior care providers that offer this service.
A: Home Instead Senior Care is very responsive and has a liberal 48-hour cancellation policy in accordance with the Employment Standards Act.

A: Because our clients receive service at all times of the day and night, our supervisors are available to address your questions or concerns 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our telephones automatically forward to the cell phone of the office staff member on call whenever the office is closed at night, and to our on-call supervisors on weekends and holidays. Although we do ask that calls are limited to emergencies or questions about service and scheduling during after-hours, you will always reach someone who is familiar with your situation and is able to help.

A: A “Client Binder” is maintained in the home to act as a communication vehicle for both clients and CAREGivers. These binders contain client information, as well as CAREGiver notes on daily activities, medications, meals, etc. for each visit.

A: No, we offer Home Support and Personal Care services. Our CAREGivers can provide light housekeeping, laundry, and ironing, in addition to their many other services.
A: Yes, we can bathe a client, provide stability during the bath or shower, help the client back out, and help him or her get dried off and dressed.

A: While we cannot place a medication in a client’s hand or mouth, we certainly can remind a client to take medications, and can track the fact that the client has taken the medications in the Client Binder.