Ready to Care

As we approach the challenges of an aging population, it is more important than ever for all of us to take an active role in caring for the seniors in our communities. Care can be as simple as running an errand for a grandparent, checking in on a neighbour, even saying hello or holding a door for a stranger. This kindness not only benefits the person it is extended to; it can cause a ripple effect that creates connections in the greater community.

Throughout our history, Home Instead Senior Care has worked within our communities to make an impact in the lives of older adults. The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada runs programs such as GIVE65 that match donations to local campaigns, and every holiday season we partner with local businesses and community organizations to provide gifts to vulnerable seniors through our Be a Santa to a Senior program. We have continued our mission to change the face of aging by launching Ready to Care, a social movement aimed at improving the lives of seniors through individual actions.  

It takes no time at all to become a part of the Ready to Care movement. Once you’ve signed up at, you’ll receive weekly care missions delivered directly to your phone. These simple, everyday acts of compassion and understanding go a long way to making a difference in a senior’s life. When you join the network, you’ll also receive tips and inspiration from others who are creating positive change in the lives of the elderly. 

Together, we can expand the world’s capacity to care for seniors. Join our movement today at and see how your actions can have a powerful impact.


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