Strengthening Community Health in East Toronto – A Collaborative Effort

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Empowering East Toronto’s Health:

Our evolving collaboration with Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) & the Ontario Health Team (OHT).



At Home Instead Senior Care of East Toronto, we’re proud to be at the forefront of enhancing community health in the East End of the city. Our ongoing collaboration with Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) and the East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) & Ontario Health Team (OHT) will allow us to provide more comprehensive in-home care and support to numerous individuals and families, particularly post-hospitalization, or post-surgical discharge.


Our Role in Community Health:

The role of our office continues to evolve as we build and deepen relationships with local Hospitals, and OHTs. Whether it be helping individuals maintain their independence, or returning home post surgery or emergency admission, our services are foundational to assisting those who wish to age in place.

Our annual charitable program BASTAS (Be a Santa to a Senior) program helps to provide, gifts, and is a commitment to spreading love and care for almost 20years during a vulnerable time of the season.


ETHP – OHT: A Beacon for Health and Wellness:

East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) serves as the Ontario Health Team for a specific geography in the East end of the city. Integrating over 100 health, social, and community service organizations, this collaboration is expected to revolutionize how care is accessed and delivered in our community. We are excited to share some valuable healthcare resources and announcements from ETHP, especially relevant during this cold and flu season:

  1. COVID-19 Resources:
    • Access vaccines and rapid antigen tests (RAT).
    • Guidance on what to do if feeling sick.
    • More information at ETHP COVID-19 Resources.
  1. Health Access Taylor-Massey:
    • Comprehensive healthcare and community services.
    • Details at ETHP HATM.
  1. Thorncliffe Park Youth Wellness Hub:
  1. Oakridge Health and Harm Reduction Hub:
    • Services for people who use drugs and other substances.
    • Further information at ETHP Oakridge Hub.


Our Active Involvement in ETHP:

We’re not just bystanders in this evolving journey of healthcare reform.  Our team actively participates in various ETHP working groups, including the PCCRT and the Integrated Home Care and Transitions group, and as an engaged and supporting partner, our office continues to closely align itself with government funded opportunities that will maintain and improve Canada’s Health care system. This involvement allows us to stay abreast of the latest developments in the healthcare sector and contribute meaningfully to changes being proposed in the community care sector.


Call to Action:

Stay informed and get involved! Contact us for more updates and information on how you can contribute to our community’s health and wellness.


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